Logical ModelΒΆ

There are four core tables in HSDS:

  1. organization - that provide services;
  2. service - that have descriptions, classifications and other information to allow potential service users to identify those services that can meet their needs;
  3. location - where services are delivered - either physically, or virtually (over the phone or Internet);
  4. service_at_location - a link table used to record where particular services are available, and to over-ride any default service or location information, with information specific to the service at a specific location.

Additional information about organisations, locations and services is held in separate tables and linked by a foreign key. Some tables only have a single foreign key for a single core table. Others can be linked to different core tables.

The table below indicates the foreign keys that exist.

Table organization service location service_at_location
programs X
funding X X
service_taxonomy X
phone* X X X X
contact X X X
regular_schedule X X X
holiday_schedule X X X
eligibility X
service_area X
required_document X
payment_accepted X
language X X
physical_address X
postal_address X
accessibility_for_disabilities X

*Phone can also be linked to contact.

When a single row contains multiple foreign keys, these will be interpreted as ‘OR’ relationships.

E.g. a phone number applies to the service OR the organisation OR the service_at_location.